How do we do it ?


Styling & Design

Fashion design is the applied art dedicated to clothing and lifestyle accessories created within the cultural and social influences of a specific time.
Here in Evpa Tekstil we believe that the time to apply this definition to the promotional textile market has come.
Every production has been, is and will be a unique piece of special promotional-fashion design. And you willhave a chance to take part in any new creation.

Fabric & Colours

The first step is about choosing the right gabric for your item and, of course, match the colours of your logo. Thanks to the wide variety of fabrics available in the turkish market and with the support of ‘Pantone colours’ reference, combinations are virtually endless.


CAD and Cutting

Once your special design has been created, all the data is entered into the CAD-system, a fully computerized system creating patterns for cutting the fabric. This allows us to make a fast production-like sample using our in-stock fabrics and, once you approve it, the plotter creates the drawings needed in the cutting department. Here we have semi-automatic machineries, to turn your designs into fabric ready to be decorated and sewn.


Screenprinting, heat transfer printing, offset heat transfer printing, sublimation system, dijital printing, stone applications…many ways to promote your logos. All these processes dispose of the newest technolohies (MHM machineries for screenprinting for example),besides the inks used(RUTLAND for instance) are EcoTex certified.



As we well know that a state-of-art embroidery gives your logo a major visibility, this is the aspect of productin we most care about. Top-of-the-range machineries are used.


We offer you the possibility of customizing any label involved in your project with your logo and any detail that might need to be added.



Fully automatic machinery and careful human supervision limit mistakes to none, your design turns into reality.

Quality Control

The final step in order to assure the best quality service. Your production is subjected to a thorough inspection by our expert staff and prepared prior to being sent to destination.



Even this step of the process can be customizable to your needs. Your logo, tape or any other information may be addes to your boxes.

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